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The Lost Ways – The Ultimate Survival Food

It is only wise to prepare for calamity, whatever kind it may be. Be it an earthquake, a storm, drought, or even job loss. Clearly, life and nature in itself are highly unpredictable, and though we try to speculate and predict what may occur in future in order to set up precautions, more often than not calamity gets us unaware.

In order to survive this lost way, we need to have enough energy which means we need good food not only in calamity but also in preparation. This is because, in the event of a calamity, doctors may not be at hand, good food will help to keep you healthy and in the event of injury, you will have good nutrients to boost your immunity and fight to repair the injured tissues.

Things to consider in preparation of the ultimate survival food.

There are a couple of things one needs to consider when preparing survival food. These include:

  • The nutritional value of the food.
  • The perishability of the food.
  • The packaging of the food.
  • The weight of the food.

Keeping the above requirements in mind, research has proved that some of the foods proved to be the ultimate survival foods to be as follows;

1. Brown rice.

Brown rice is rich in minerals such as iron, and it contains nutrients such as proteins and calories. These are good for the energy required in times of calamity where a lot of energy will be uses such as traveling.

It also takes very little time to cook. It takes approximately 5-8 minutes to cook brown rice making it fast easy and efficient in fuel consumption.

2. Peanut butter.

Peanut butter is rich in protein, fatty acids, and minerals such as copper and iron. Taking a few tablespoons of peanut butter gives you a filling that helps you survive a while of limited food intake.

3. Alaskan wild salmon.

The Alaskan wild salmon is a fish eaten mostly by people of Alaska and Canada. They are known for having an extremely low rate of heart-related ailments. This is because salmons have a lot of omega three and fatty acids that boost immunity and gives the body the nutrients it requires it fight diseases. Alaska wild salmons are also not contaminated by the environment which enables them to be eaten raw straight from the can.

4. Dried beans.

Dried beans such as the split bean are rich in protein, they are cheap, and can feed a lot of people. They also require little time for soaking in water before being ready to eat which make them efficient in a time of calamity. They are also light to carry in the event you need to move about.

5. Dried or smoked meat.

Drying and smoking are the most ancient methods of meat preservation, they are also the most efficient methods to date that can be used to preserve meat in bulk or chunks. Meat is a great source of protein. The smoked or dried meat is also lighter after it has been dried or smoked as all the water has been removed. It also lasts longer.

6. Energy bars.

Energy bars are a great source of calories and proteins. They are light to carry around and provide you with the energy required to move about. A good example being the chocolate bar as chocolate is a great source of energy.

7. Powdered sea vegetables and pills.

The powdered sea vegetable and pill can honestly be labeled the ultimate survival food. It contains lots of vitamins and nutrients that boost an individuals’ immunity and helps to repair damaged tissue and enhance wound healing. It is light to carry around and can be found in most food stalls. The powdered form being the most efficient can be mixed with a glass of water or whatever else one is taking to provide immediate nutrients for the body.

All foods need to be packaged appropriately. Having them all in a bag to go or on your shelves for emergencies assures you of a healthy meal in lost ways. Everything has an expiry date, donate or eat those that are almost expired and restock with others with a further expiry date.

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