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What Are the Basic Wilderness Survival Skills?

The wilderness is a hub of adventures, which brings in the fun. However, with adventures come uncertainties that require survival skills or else the wilderness tour will be your worst memories. Since this is a natural habitat, you should expect to create a humanly environment in order to survive. Here are the basic Wilderness Survival Skills based on the challenges expected:

The Basic Needs

Food, shelter and clothing are important survival accessories in the wilderness. Since it is a hiking type of tour, the expectation is that your luggage is at its lightest. This means that most of the basic needs will be limited including food.

Shelter and Safety

With the wilderness being animals’ territory, you need a safe shelter that also protects you from elements of weather. The following should guide you in making shelters:

  • Natural caves and large holes on trees – Use smoke to ensure there are no animals inside the holes before occupying
  • Makeshift shelters on rocks or high attitude areas to prevent easy access by animals and flood waters

For security purposes, fire is one of the basic security measures that you can undertake. The simplest way to start a fire is using matchsticks that either should be waterproof (nail polishing) or stored in waterproof boxes. In case you run out of matchsticks, try the following:

  • Sunlight – Use a magnifying glass such as a glass bottle or sunglasses to focus the rays some dry paper or leaves
  • Phone battery shot – In case there is no sunlight, you can use a light conductive material to create a spark by creating a shot between the positive and negative terminus. Steel wool or your knife could do.
  • If you are out of the above options, remember fire comes from frictional heat and you can either rub a stick against a tree or two rocks. This process takes at least an hour but it is saving option.

Food and Water

Most people carry adequate food but water is always an added luggage. Looking for edible food is among the advanced wilderness survival skills although you can trust the Oak Acorn, nuts from pine and cattails, if you have no alternative. As for water, here are the skills that will give you safe water to drink:

  • Morning dew on leaves and grass – Collect using a clean piece of cloth
  • Follow animal trails in the afternoon up to evening
  • Mosquitoes and most insects dwell proximal to water bodies
  • Dig dry water holes in the desert as the water is a few feet below

NOTE: It is always advisable to boil drinking water, regardless of the source, as it may possess pathogenic microbes.

Direction Skills

Navigation through the desert is not as easy especially without a working compass. However, scouting rule calls for a relaxing time before deciding on the next move. Use the sunrise and sunsets to get the North and try to retrace your trail towards your original bearing. In case you need rescue, you can reflect sunlight or make a Y hand signal towards oncoming planes.

First Aid Skills

Injuries are common and they need urgent attention to prevent severities. Ensure all the cut surfaces are clean and dry to prevent infections. Dressing in tougher material clothes and footwear can reduce occurrence of injuries.

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