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10 Essential Items in a Survival Kit

Adventurous people often find themselves exploring the wilderness without having any fear of what’s in store for them. Whether you’re a professional explorer or it’s your first time, bringing a survival kit with you is a must. Let’s take a look at 10 Essential Items in a Survival Kit which can get you through most circumstances.


The main reason why a survival knife is one of the most important items you should include in your survival kit is because it’s multi purpose. You will be able to use it for various types of purposes such as cutting ropes, building shelters or opening packages. Make sure that your knife is durable and so that it can cut through tougher surfaces.


Before you begin your adventure, it’s essential to bring a survival backpack with you. The main difference between a regular backpack and a survival backpack is its content capacity and durability. You want to make sure that it could fit all the important items you will be needing in your trip. It also has to be waterproof and comfortable.


You may not think that a rope would be of any use to you during your adventures. However, it actually provides plenty of uses which can save your life in desperate situations. You will be needing a rope whenever you have to build a survival shelter in the wilderness. It has to be flexible, lightweight and strong.


Similar to a rope, you would also be needing a tarp to serve as a survival shelter. Whatever terrain you’re in, you will be able to easily assemble your tarp and tie it into tree branches. This is especially useful whenever you need shelter from extreme weather conditions.


This isn’t the regular type of blanket that you use for your bed. It is actually the blanket which is commonly used in music festivals. If you ever become injured during your adventures, the survival blanket will be able to provide you shelter. It will also help maintain your body heat and prevent hypothermia.


Any type of rigorous activity requires plenty of water, but a water bottle is especially important for extensive adventures. Water can save your life and there is simply no other substitute for it.


Blowing a whistle will help signal other people that you need help. It is extremely convenient because it’s lightweight and small. It is the best way to attract attention which can ultimately save your life.


A compass is a life saver when it comes to extensive adventures out in the wilderness. Before even beginning your trip, make sure that you know how to navigate it properly to avoid any issues.


The best type of matches to bring with you are the magnesium fire starters. It is not recommended to bring matchbox type ones because once they get wet, they are no longer usable. You can also bring a lighter since it’s lightweight and easy to pack.


In order to make sure that you will be able to remedy any scars, wounds or bruises during your adventure, you will be needing a first aid kit. It can become very dangerous for your health when you encounter blood wounds in the wilderness. They may contain various types of bacteria and infection which could be damaging to your health. Your kit should include the following:

  • plasters
  •  sterile gauze dressings
  •  safety pins
  • disposable sterile gloves
  • sterile eye dressings
  • tweezers

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