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5 Steps on How to Make Survival Kits

If there is one highly striking thing about the climate changes that take place on the planet, it is the fact that they are getting worse. The hurricanes have become robust enough to cause flooding in the major cities and mudslides in the mountainous areas, and the earthquakes destruct a greater number of properties and lives. Although assistance from various humanitarian organizations pours in during these calamities, there are instances in which they cannot gain access to the road until after several days. For this reason, it is significant to learn how to make survival kits. Below are a few steps on the right way to prepare one.

Step #1. Get a Backpack

Any weekender bag cannot match the practicality that a backpack can offer; that’s why a lot of survivalists tell the novices to utilize this as a container of their emergency items. The reason for this is that when a disaster strikes, the person needs to have his or her hands and arms free in case there is a possibility that (s)he has to carry a child, lead other people to safety, or cover his or her head from falling debris.

Step #2. Buy Fire Igniters

The regular matchboxes and lighters that one typically uses to light up a cigarette or candle may no longer work when they get wet during a hurricane. Because of it, the individual has to invest on waterproof matches which can stay lit even when they get submerged in water or metallic fire starters that are useful in the woods. Having these ensure that (s)he will not become deprived of warmth even in a desperate condition.

Step #3. Pack a Thermal Blanket

Speaking of heat, if the wind and the rain are too harsh keep the fire going, a thermal blanket can give the person a chance to withstand the weather. As the name suggests, this special blanket can keep the coldness away so that (s)he can sleep comfortably in the night or until the rescuers come. In addition to that, it may serve as a covering for the shelter that the survivor may set up for him- or herself.

Step #4. Obtain a Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a necessity in times of emergency, for the reason that it has many tools like a knife, a scissor, and can opener comprised in one small package. It entails that this individual will be able to put other essentials such as clothes, bottles of water, and much more in his or her backpack, and still have a helpful tool that can make the situation more bearable.

Step #5. Stack on Ready-to-Eat Foods

Within the survival bag, it is necessary to have the following:

  • Canned foods
  • Dried fruits
  • Instant noodles

These are the foodstuff that the person can consume right from the vessel. Chocolate or granola bars can assist him or her in surviving too because they contain sugar and protein that the body requires to function. Of course, (s)he should not forget bottles of clean water, as there may become scarce after the disaster. Learn more at The Lost Ways Book Review

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