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Techniques to Easily Store Survival Food for Several Years

While it’s easy to establish some short-term techniques to preserve food that could last your family a week, sometimes it’s challenging to come up with strategies to store food for several years. When it comes to storing food for long, there are only a few options. The good news is that if you use the best techniques you can rest assured that you have a constant supply of food for survival. In times of survival, food is a very important thing. It’s, therefore, important to know the best techniques. Some food products when stored well can last for an indefinite time. These include

  • Rice.
  • Salt
  • Whole wheat berries.
  • Pure sorghum.
  • Honey.

Here are some of the techniques to easily store survival food for several years.

Choose the right food

Not all kinds of foods are meant for survival. Some food products will become bad within a short time hence you should carefully choose the kind of food to store. Instead of buying dairy products, sweetened drinks, and cooked food, you need to buy dried food, beans, and whole grains. If stored well, these products can last for several years. Beans are not only rich in proteins but they can keep also you full for long. Additionally, you can consider coffee, tea, and canned meat

Use a good room

Once you have chosen the correct food, ensure that your room is adequate for storing these foods. The best room is the one that is cold and has enough ventilation, while cold room will ensure that the food does not go stale, enough ventilation will keep it fresh throughout. You should also ensure that the food is placed a bit higher from the floor and way from the wall to prevent the chances of it catching humidity.

Remove the oxygen from the food

Before putting the food is a storage bag you need to remove all the oxygen. The easiest way to do this is to throw in some oxygen absorbing packets before sealing the bag. Another way is to use carbon dioxide instead of oxygen in the bags. You can dry frozen carbon dioxide gas. You can simply buy these from your regular ice supplier. This ice is very cold hence you need to handle it with a lot of care. Since it’s heavier than air it will remain in the bag for a long time.

Use special materials for storage

The best materials to store whole grains are polyester bags. They are also suitable for beans. You need to choose a bag that can withstand the attacks of rodents and insects. It can be disheartening to open your bag only to realize that all the food is gone. This is why it’s very important to select a high-quality material for food storage. Materials play a big role when it comes to food storage.


These are some of the best ways to store survival foods. You only need to find an ideal place at home and apply these amazing techniques. Once you do these you will stock enough food for survival regardless of the condition. However, since some conditions require you to prepare the food well make sure you do this. In summary, you need to,

  • Choose the right food.
  • Use a good room.
  • Remove the oxygen.
  • Use special materials for storage.

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