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Best Long shelf life survival food

Are you prepared for the worst-case scenario, well with the current economic chaos and political confusion, you should be, or maybe you are tired of throwing out food that is past its expiry date, whatever the reason, you need to have consumables that cannot spoil within a long time. But you have to keep in mind that selecting the right food is just one part, you also have to pay attention to the storage method, not to mention being aware of the factors that will more likely decrease the shelf lives of these foods or even rendering them unusable. This article has few guidelines that might help.


Other than the living things like weevils and ants, you might need to be aware of other factors such as temperature, moisture, light and oxygen when considering food storage.

  • Temperature: High temperature will absolutely destroy food and its nutritional value everything else becomes just useless, no taste, no color, and definitely nothing to like with smell. So, whatever Long shelf life survival food you pick, you have to ensure its kept in proper room temperature (75°F/24°C would be ideal).
  • Moisture: Always store food in dry places since too much moisture will promote microorganism growth which definitely causes food to spoil.
  • Oxygen: Much the same as moisture, oxygen will have a deteriorating effect on fats, vitamins, flavors, food color and other food constituents.
  • Light: you need to keep long term storage in low light areas for a long shelf life since exposure to too much light cause deterioration of food.

Long shelf life survival foods

Which food have long shelf life, here we have a list of the top food that can survive for as long as 30 years and some indefinitely. You can’s store all of them, so you might need to pick ones that you eat on daily basis.

Canned food

Canned meat, fruit, and vegetable might not have a long life, but at least they can last one to around five-year shelf life when kept in a cool dry place, that, of course, will also depend on the cycle where you bought the product. Although canned food might be edible even after the date of expiry printed, the manufacturer cannot guarantee quality.

Meals Ready to Eat (MREs)

To add a variety to your storage, you might want to consider adding MREs. They are definitely a great addition since most of them have a shelf life of around 3 to 5 years and they are portable; they are small and easy to store and perfect for different scenarios. These foods were developed for military convenience, so you will find that they are surprisingly tasty.

Freeze dried and dehydrating food

These can have a shelf life of more than 30 years but as mentioned when stored correctly, however, once opened they need to be consumed quickly. Some last for several years but come at a much cheaper price. The freeze-dried process tends to retain more nutrients from the food, so they may taste much better than the dehydrated food packed as a full meal of pasta, meat, veggies, say, and sauce. It is a good idea to have both, depending on the type of emergency.

Keeping enough for your families in times of disaster is important, however, remember how we treat others in such times shows the kind of person we are deep-down. Sharing our supply in times of need id part of humanity, so it is important to keep some extra-long shelf life survival foods.

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