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The Lost Ways Survival Guide Review

A program designed and released by Claude Davis, The Lost Ways Book is a guide that clearly explains the most important practices in various survival situations. This guide has important knowledge and information that is essential in surviving in environments without gas, power or even any means of purchasing food. It talks about the forgotten practices that assisted people to survive hardships such as droughts, famines, warfare, and even life threatening situations.

It reveals three ancient lessons that can help people to endure potential hard times. Additionally, it will teach you how to make your own food based on the traditional recipes. The food prepared is not only long lasting but also rich in nutrients such as proteins and vitamins. This ensures that it stays in good condition for many months to come.

How it works

This guide contains ideas believed to have been applied by the ancestors in helping them to survive despite the hard times. The ideas are outlined as a group of techniques proposed by real survivalists. One of the ideas includes building bunkers that can survive the worst earthquake or the most devastation attacks. It also focuses on how we can preserve food and water to help us especially when we are faced with scarcity.

What the book has for you

Each chapter of this book teaches a different survival need that is important in taking care of your family during any kind of crisis. Some of the areas it covers include

  • Learning how to effectively and safely preserve water so that you can be prepared for any emergency.
  • You will also learn how to device animal traps to help you hunt for prey throughout the year.
  • The book teaches you how to prepare rich super foods that can last for long without refrigeration.
  • You will learn how your ancestors build large underground houses that could accommodate multiple families.
  • The book teaches you how you can use traditional herbs to make drugs that can heal and help you get rid of serious infections.


  1. A step by step guide to developing your own can rotation.
  2. What every survivalist should have in his backyard.


  • You will learn important skills that you can apply anytime.
  • It’s one of the best guides currently in the market
  • It’s available in both print and digital
  • As compared to other programs, it’s very much affordable.
  • It has a unique way of explaining everything clearly to the readers.
  • It comes with a money back guarantee.


  • It does not have any audio or video tutorials.
  • Some of the programs it outlines may not work in the modern times.
  • The guide requires total commitment and follow up for you to succeed.


The Lost Ways Guide is one of the most comprehensive guides that offer you value for your money. If you want to prepare yourself for any disaster and learn how to become self reliant you will greatly benefit from the skills that the book explains. If you properly learn the techniques outlined in this program, you can use them anytime and anywhere without any problem.

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